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Top Record Business is a company for economic and business consulting that brings to the world of entrepreneurship and business an innovative and modern approach, which combines accounting and management economic consulting services - under one roof.

Top SHIA Business Ltd.

Our professional team consists of economists, lawyers, accountants and entrepreneurs who come from the worlds of business practice, most of them with rich practical knowledge and extensive and varied professional experience in their field. The company’s clientele is broad and diverse and includes corporations, public and private companies, real estate entrepreneurs, family businesses, startups and Israeli and foreign businessmen.

Our divisions

The company has a number of professional divisions that operate in full synergy to achieve optimal results for the customer

Accompanying the management and operation of companies in crisis, rehabilitation plans and programs to increase efficiency, economic feasibility testing, supporting court appointed officials, investigative audit and forensic accounting, and more.
Advising and supporting investors and investor groups to locate unique investments. Locating sources of financing, investments or investors according to the needs of a project or transaction, including accompanying business
Valuations, business plans, advising on receipt of Coronavirus grants and state loans, financial services related to mergers and acquisitions, and more.
Accompanying import and export of services / products from abroad, business development, market and customer testing, settling regulatory issues, distribution rights, and more.
Ongoing advice in the field of urban renewal, including assistance in raising capital, accompanying the establishment of real estate investment funds, locating partners, building financial models, and more.
Preparation of economic opinions in support of legal proceedings and to justify financial compensation, using economic tools and models.
Data collection, preparation of calculations, and submission of applications to the customs authorities for reimbursement of import taxes paid in respect of goods used in the manufacture of products sold
Initiating and leading merger processes, investments and acquisitions in Israel and abroad in the fields of: High-tech, real estate, the hotel industry, entrepreneurship, and more. Locating investors or investments, advising

Accompanying and healing companies in times of crisis

We are in the midst of an economic crisis caused by the corona virus, and unfortunately the direct result is the domino effect of companies entering difficulties and insolvency situations, from which first swallows have already begun to emerge. This situation requires rethinking and preparing for the recovery and rescue of businesses from collapse. As well as for the special and informed conduct of the managements and boards of directors during this period. A professional economic and legal team led by Dr. Shlomo Ness, provides companies and businesses with guidance and a rescue suit in times of crisis.

Paycheck – Tests and salary control
Certified Wage Checker

  • Periodic salary inspections for contractor companies in the fields of security, cleaning and catering – inspections that provide good protection for service clients from contractor companies in accordance with the law to increase enforcement in labor law
  • Giving an opinion to the Ministry of Labor in order to reduce sanctions and cancel alerts – following an audit by the Ministry of Labor in which deficiencies were found in the pay slips
    Calculation of a pricing appendix of the cost of an hour of work, for contracting agreements between contractor companies and service clients. In accordance with the law to increase enforcement in labor law that requires contractor profit.
  • Wage control for companies – analysis of wage costs and their examination in order to save and reduce exposure to lawsuits, fines and criminal charges
    Recruitment of guidance and instruction for employers and payroll accountants
  • Performing calculations for claims and protection on the issue of salaries for lawyers and companies
    Preparation of wage rights calculations for employees and employers

Our team of consultants

The team of consultants consists of economists, accountants and expert lawyers, with decades of accumulated experience in the fields of real estate,

Has a broad legal, economic, and managerial background in diverse fields in the capital market, real estate, healthcare, and more.
Served as the CFO of numerous companies. Has extensive experience in business financial consulting for companies in various fields, including
Lawyer, partner at DTKGG; Director of the Insolvency and Corporate Rehabilitation Department. Has experience in active management of companies, improvement,
Holds an L.L.M. degree from the Bar-Ilan University, and is a certified mediator from NUS – the National University of
Holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), both with honours from the University
Adv. Schiff holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in law, from the Bar Ilan University, and is a
Founder and owner of Silver City, former director of two real estate companies and investment funds in the field of
Degrees in law and accounting, Practical experience of over 32 years in running an accounting practice, coupled with activity in
Amichai  started his professional career  as an accountant Somekh Chaikin KPMG and since 2007 as a lawyer, he combines the
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